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Austin vip program

An expedited way to redefine your wardrobe, without the luxury price tag.

VIP Days

It has been a passion of mine to help women capsule their wardrobe in a simple way, without sacrificing luxury and style. I created the Austin VIP program as an in-person way to do this, in addition to my online course. 

the process

  • I don't just start when I get there. You fill out an online survey with likes, wants, inspo and I come with a personalized style board that we work off of while I am with you. 
  • We do a color analysis and take measurements to determine body type. 
  • We go through your clothes one by one using my exclusive Wardrobe Edit® method. 
  • I provide the discard services for you. YES! I take all of the clothes you don't want or don't want to sell. 
  • You enjoy your new wardrobe and clean closet and I send you the PDF of your style board and a wardrobe list of items you need to purchase.

The investment

$555 for 3 hours

$75 for each additional hour

$50 clothing donation fee*


“I am in love with the results! Lara works so fast. She answered all of my questions, but she really re-vamped my wardrobe in such a short amount of time. It looks great!”

- Carrie

i'm ready to give you the wardrobe of your dreams.

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