Isn't it time you get off the hamster wheel of branding your Business?




To have people follow you on IG, purchase your services, and recognize you as the expert...all because your branding was
*chef's kiss.

imagine what it would be like:

I might be making a lot of brand designers mad. 

As a brand designer, I talk to a lot of women about their branding and one of the biggest complaints is that they don't love it, but they can't afford to hire a professional designer. 

It is my belief that everyone deserves to have beautiful branding and also that we can simplify the process a bit so that anyone can create their own.

There is a time and a place for hiring a professional brand designer, but if you aren't there yet. 

This is for YOU!

The Truth


So how do i do this?


We break down concepts and really pull out what's needed and leave what isn't for us. This can be easy, so we make sure to keep it that way.

The Tools

There are tools designers use to design branding. Some you need and some you don't. We pair the necesessities with an easy to use program like Canva to get you custom branding.

The Empowerment

By giving you the rules and the tools, you will feel empowered to accomplish this on your own. You will be able to confidently design your branding and use it. correctly.

The Right Coach

The beauty of having a program like this, is that I am in your back pocket. I am excited to launch this course, but even more excited to keep adding to it and updating it.

course Training Topics

Mindset Shifts: You Are Creative

Getting Crystal Clear on Your Needs

How to Find Your Vibe/Aesthetic

How to Use Pinterest Effectively

Design 101: Fonts & Color Palettes

Creating a Moodboard

Creating a Useable Color Palette

Sourcing Fonts for a Logo

Designing a Logo Suite in Canva

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and more...

16 course videos, tech lessons, and easy to use canva templates

What's in it?


In addition to lessons on all things branding, including tips and tricks that brand designers use.

I will also bring you along as I build out a full brand from scratch. Including finding Pinterest inspo, creating a moodboard, choosing a color palette, and designing a logo suite. 

I want you to get the know how and see it in action.

She's an icon, she's a legend.

This is exactly what my website clients and I need!

-Dana Duvernay

Founder, The daily essentials

Dana jumped in to The Brand immediately. She designs websites and said that one of the biggest struggles is designing a website for a client with little to no branding, or even worse, bad branding. 


How does this sound?

A custom logo that you love to show off and slap on everything you make. It sets you apart.

Branding that brings in the clients that will pay you what you are worth.

A brand that establishes trust so you can make sales easily and quickly.

A color palette that is easy to use on all of your graphics, your website, your courses. 

A simple, effective, and freakin' BEAUTIFUL BRAND kit that leaves you more time to talk to your clients instead of searching for Canva fonts.